Quick, Guided Meditations-Without-Meditating Tailored for Healthcare Personnel to Get Instant Calm WHILE on the Front Lines -- Now with fresh calming meditations for EVERYONE

Just listen to Dr. Coco's soothing voice and uplifting narrations to quickly clear your head and calm your heart in 60 to 90 seconds -- 5 minutes if you've got them -- in between patients, homeschooling, or Zoom meetings -- so you can refocus and do your job safely.

OR ANY TIME. (Because we've all lost track of time, haven't we?)

Dr. C speaks your language and gets your unique pain. There's nothing like this out there. Period.

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Your Meditation-without-Meditating Master

Coco Cabrel is not only an MD with 30-years' worth of teaching and team leadership under her belt -- she's also a 17-year Reiki Master trained specifically in guiding meditation and energy work when clients are smack in the middle of their stressful situations. She uses her experience as a professional flamenco dancer/choreographer and writer to generate her rich story-like imagery in these meditations-without-meditating -- called The Calms. 

Coco has used her own breathing, movement, and meditation techniques to recover from workplace bully-induced PTSD and Burnout. She's been there -- and knows what it takes to get out. When. It's. Bad. 

She hopes that you will join her hundreds of students and clients who have benefited from her soothing voice and uplifting energy, infused into each of these recordings for you. 

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On-the-Spot, In-Between Patients and Tasks

Simply pick a Calms Recording, and listen to Dr. Coco's calming voice for 60 or 90 seconds to refocus and move on.  

During Shift Breaks, Heading In, and Heading Home

Allow yourself 5 minutes of inner peace when you're on break, putting on PPE, or before you go home.  

Simple and Effective, Creative yet Not Foofy

Dr. C's front line colleagues and former students are telling her exactly what healthcare personnel need. What YOU need. For real.

Did you just have to inform a family?

Are you trying to adjust to the new protocols -- from today?

Do you feel insecure about your PPE?

Are you worried about infecting your loved ones?

Just freakin' exhausted and overwhelmed right now?

Take a Moment for Yourself Right Now and Just Listen...

Wanna hear Dr. C's voice help you out before you get the whole collection? (To which she adds every week... because we'll be at this for awhile...) 

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Or listen to your Library online.

Anytime. Anywhere. Right now.

Dr. C will be creating as many new and relevant Calms as she possibly can, as quickly as she can, to support YOU

Coco understands the extreme stress that you are under, as well as the traumatic short- and long-term effects that this experience will have on you.

She is absolutely dedicated to adding new content for, well, as long as you need it. And beyond.

Dave L., Cardiac Anesthesiologist, New York

Coco’s VOICE and her spot-on delivery – not only relax me, but make me think in a different way. I find the 90-second Calms the perfect way to re-center myself coming out of a difficult patient, or getting out of my sadness that can come and be hard to shake off with certain patients. I'm so glad Coco's doing this now. This is so necessary.

Louise D., RN, New Jersey

Your voice is a magnet to pure calmness, soothes my soul & allows peace to flow and change my mind & energy before work, after work, & inbetween. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’•Sip of clarity..... this IS nourishing ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’•I feel you validate exactly our stresses & concerns!! XO This is perfect & keeps me focused one patient at a time! Able to face what is behind each curtain, each door during #Covidcrisis!!!

Jess L., Massage Therapist, Los Angeles

Dr. Coco has an energy and a spirit that is infectious. Her dynamic approach to teaching inspires and engages students and teachers alike. After every time listening, I feel more motivated to immerse myself into what makes my heart soar. Her joy for life has the ability to change anyone’s perspective on things to a positive one.

Saharut N., Chiropractor, Massage Therapist, Los Angeles

Your recordings are absolutely AMAZING!!! Where did that voice come from?? And the frankness and humor!!! Like someone giving it to me so straight and honest. That beautiful gong is a great marker to open and close each calming session. Calms = alms... like an offering you are giving to the world!

Teresa H., IT Project Manager, Denver

I *love love love* these. Doesn't matter if I'm not in healthcare. I love what you're doing to get health workers and all the rest of us through stressful times. I'm sleeping much better! โค๏ธWhat you do, your many gifts, are exquisite. 

Leigh B., Writer for Non-profit, Stockholm, Sweden

I was stuck at this insanely confusing airport when I missed my flight in Istanbul, and I was panicking, trying to get on another flight, and then I remembered to use a Calm recording. It made me laugh when you said the little friend gobbles up my pile of junk. Just when I needed to laugh. I think these are pretty much genius.

Is your sleep schedule completely screwed up?

Do you get anxious every time you come home from hunting & gathering? (And maybe you don't feel the anxiety 'til later on...)

Are you freaked out about finances?

Is all of the info just too freakin' much already?! (I mean, what's real and what's fake?)

And are you feeling lonely?

Annual Subscription (2 months free) or Monthly

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7-day free trial

Access quickly in the Kajabi app, or listen to your Library online

Anytime. Anywhere. Right now.

Refocus & Calm so you can get back to it with renewed energy

Like the Kestrel on a falconer's glove, quickly refresh your soul so you can return to your shift -- ready to use your swiftness, precision, and grace to the fullest of your superpowers.

With deepest gratitude for your brave service,

Well done,

Dr. Coco

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